Photography Studio

Studio Avery is an ideal space for photo shoots and at one time was the home of a local professional photographer. With 10 foot ceilings and 756 square feet of floor space, including an in-studio make-up and wardrobe room, Studio Avery delivers the perfect location for product, full-body, and group shoots.

Pittsburgh Photo Shoot Studio

Rental includes studio and kitchen usage, wifi, lounge area, water closet, and parking variances. The surrounding common areas provide a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for models and clients.

As an added bonus for photographers working from Studio Avery (depending on availibility and with proper insurances required,) rental includes a selection of colored paper backdrops, stands, and professional lighting.

The studio features internal HVAC controls for heating and air conditioning of the space that ensure your comfort. The in-studio electrical supports high-output lighting systems and can handle multiple lighting systems at one time.

Rentals are available for half days up to five hours and full days up to ten hours. Additional hours and times outside of normal business hours have a separate rate. Commercial Liability insurance is required and Equipment Insurance for rented equipment is required if using any in-house equipment. Contact us for more information on the specifics.

If you are interested in additional specifications, navigate to Specs.

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